Audax Steel is a leading global supplier to many of the most demanding metal customers around the world. We supply a variety of innovative solutions to a broad range of markets. These include construction, automotive, energy, industrial, and engineering industries.



Product quality is of paramount importance at Audax Steel.

We test our production lots to ensure absolute quality. Throughout every step of the manufacturing process we utilize in-process controls and conduct mechanical and dimensional audits to continuously monitor our quality.

We make superior quality

steel products

We test our production lots to ensure absolute quality, throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

We have the capability to perform testing to standard and customer specific requirements. Our integrated Quality Systems includes In-process inspection and Statistical Process Control data collection to monitor quality and production reliability. Final inspection and testing verifies production quality.

Whether providing technical assistance, assisting with application issues, or simply discussing current specications and recommended practices, we assist our customer's solutions.