The exceptional product quality along with Audax Steel's expertise in the market creates a worldwide accessible network to cater the demand of our valuable customers.


Audax Steel is a leading global supplier to many of the most demanding metal customers around the world. We supply a variety of innovative solutions to a broad range of markets. These include construction, automotive, energy, industrial, and engineering industries.

Audax Steel is the largest independent supplier and stockist of a variety of steel items including Long Steel Solutions, Carbon Steel Wire, Pre-Stressed Concrete Strands, Structural Steel & Mechanical Fasteners. Our services to the construction and related industries include Fabrication of a variety of steel products with high-tech machinery and equipment required to meet our customer requirements.

The company produces a wide range of value-added steel products for an array of Industries which include; Automotive, Structural Steel Building, Civil Construction, Industrial Development and a supply to Oil and Gas related Industries.

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solutions and helping our clients excel.

Superior Quality! is of paramount importance at Audax Steel.

Our Commitment To Total Customer Service Satisfaction Includes;

- Using state of the art manufacturing technologies and equipment

- Highly trained and capable personnel

- Supported by appropriate professional staff and manufacturing system

- An authorized Third Party Quality Control Lab committed to providing quality testing services to our clients

- Creating a team environment of Total Quality Management

- The most flexible and responsive delivery performance; at fair and competitive prices.

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We ensure to continue serving our customers with high quality products and look forward in starting new ventures while growing on this journey.